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commission for adaarnit of their shepard and kaidan. 

what photoshop brushes do you use?

Asked by Anonymous

i actually use the most basic photoshop brushes, although i’ve downloaded tons of custom ones i never ever use, haha. 

i use the default hard round brush for most of my linework, colouring and sketching, though lately i’ve been using this brush a lot for my line art.
i have one or two brushes i use for painting and quite a few custom brushes that i use for blood splatters, dirt, freckles and scratches.

i could upload my brushes if you’re interested, but there are super rad brush packs out there that are much more useful than mine.

commission for sibylla-surana of her grey warden, sibylla surana, as a child.

costume design commission for astrakiseki of her OC marysol, a character from a god machine chronicle game. 

can you provide a tutorial? cuz your art style is perfect and I like how you do the arts

Asked by Anonymous

ah, thank you! :)
i probably won’t be making a tutorial anytime soon but i can try to upload more process images or set up a livestream if enough people are interested.  

OMG I WAS JUST THINKING I WANT HIM TO MEET ALDER he is so beautiful nina good job ;A;

heheee, thank you! <3 and OH YESS! i’m all for that! :o
that’s it, you’ve planted the seed, now there are dozens of little scenarios popping up in my head, aaah

jackie wanted to see my aeducan, so here’s the grade A douchebag :B

commission for looktothehorizon of her dragonborn avamir with makerhavemercy's indis. 

commission for alienagecounselor of her saints row boss, vanhi. 

commission for orisoni of her inquisitor, grace, and cole. 

commission for alienagecounselor of her shepard and liara. 

commission for swampywitch of her grey warden, elisabeth amell.

commission for merwifs of her character doenwyb.

Hi, I noticed you said you can pick a different type of picture for the outfit design- if you pick a lineless costume design, is the price the same?

Asked by Anonymous

no, the price for the costume design will change accordingly. i charge about $55 for the costume design itself and then add the price of a full-body drawing on top of that.
in case of a lineless costume design, the price would be $85.

hope that answers your question! (:

lineless commission for bricktheprettiestsiren of her commander shepard.