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I apologize if you were asked this already but what tablet and software do you use for your artwork?

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ah, no problem! c: all of my artwork is done in photoshop cc with a wacom intuos 5 tablet (medium).

Ubisoft made someone much better than that, you inept twat.

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you are entirely missing the point. i didn’t create that design because ubisoft can’t, but simply because they didn’t.

rant under the cut: 

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jacquiquii replied to your photo “possible future inquisitor :v ”


aaah, thank you!! <33

wow dem detailssss

drawing all those details claimed my entire day and part of my soul ;__; some details even got lost during the colouring process. i mean: 


possible future inquisitor :v 

i’m so glad i had the chance to commission one of my art heroes, the very sweet and kind jackie (ellyshepard), to draw me a picture of lucy and dogmeat. this was my first commission experience and i’m so so happy with how it turned out! lucy’s never looked so adorable! (:  

please check out her amazing art blog and commission post if you haven’t already!


ugh haha I felt bad, I reverted back to my original prices. ;;


NOTICE: Opening commissions again, but I raised the prices a little bit. My cat had an accident, and now I need a little extra to help pay vet bills.


Singles (waist up) - $20

Couples (waist up) - $30

Singles (fullbody) - $30

Couples (fullbody) - $35

Prices in USD.

Send me an email at with your username if interested and we’ll talk it out!

Payment methods- Paypal only. I require payment upfront. It’s okay if it’s only 50% of the total fee, but I need payment as good faith.

Thanks everyone!

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lou2209 replied to your post:instagram!
omg what were you saying about having a one good sketch every ten pages, everything you’ve posted is so gorgeous I’m screaming I love your art ;_;

ah, thanks man! <33 although, i cropped out all the atrocities that don’t even deserve to be called sketches. 
also, the stuff you uploaded is so darn good! i just love the diversity in both the subjects and the tools you used. 

it really isn’t that hard, now is it, ubisoft? 


second (and probably last) batch of requests for the colour palette meme (:

12 | aela for anon
17 | zevran for anon
11 | butch for psycrowe
1 | jade for unsolvedanomalies
7 | tali for merwifs
3 | faendal for hermitjesty

 first batch of requests for the colour palette meme!

7 | aethyta for dr-jekyl 
3 | hero of oakvale’s sister (theresa) for anon
7 | jack for anon



I’ll put an obscenely long list of fandoms I can think of off my head in the tags but really if you have a character in mind go ahead and ask! Even if you’re like “Noooo, there’s no way she knows who that is” TRY ME AND SEEE

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I have a soft spot for your art!! I’ve missed it ;_;
you seem to be channeling some leyendecker in the third panel! :>

aww, thank you! <3 this is the first thing i’ve drawn in almost a month, including sketching in my sketchbook. sooo, it’s good to be back, i guess c: 

and you have a good eye! leyendecker is my new muse, hehe. 

process of this drawing, in case anyone’s interested! :v 

i haven’t been able to play burial at sea yet but oh boy, my ladycrush on elizabeth has intensified.